2014 College Football Picks in Texas

The Texas Longhorns are by far one of the most popular NCAA football teams in the country. Whether you like them or not it is hard to ignore the Austin Texas bull and the 100,000 plus stadium that fills up each and every saturday gameday.

Now it is your chance as a proud Texas resident to get in on the latest NCAA Pick ‘EM each and every week. While this is not Fan Duel it is a competing game where the best handicappers try to predict who will beat the spread each and every week.

We look forward to seeing how you do and Go LONG HORNS!

Texas Weight Loss Centers

Texas – The Lone star state that we live in. Well it’s a great place to live and we are proud to be on our own. One thing we have lots of is oil and pride but one thing we have too much of that we need to lose is fat. We are known as the fat-est state and the one that needs to lose the most weight thanks in part to a low amount of weight loss centers and over consumption of fried foods.

So what do we do? Well there is a list of weight loss centers in Texas with a guidebook and video to how you can purchase resistance bands and utilize their at home gym centers. This seems to be what we need is a common coalition to workout in tandem and believe in ourselves.

The great state of Texas has so much to offer from the classy neighborhoods of Houston, The strong mexican diversity and culture of San Antonio, The Weirdness of Austin, to the epicenter of Dallas we are a great place to be now lets make sure we are healthy enough to enjoy it.

Tom McNicholas

Business leaders and those who make a difference in this world are very important. We are very excited to hear a presentation from a prominent Stuart businessman who is a big fan of the great state of Texas for his feedback on how TXU and other utility providers in the state can improve their image and promote the green energy initiatives that they are funding.

We will be announcing the dates shortly that Tom McNicholas will be speaking and presenting for the readers here at DEA Faction Center Texas.

Memorial Library

The B. J. McMahon Memorial Library for Children was planned in dedication to the loved seven-year-old B. J., who passed away suddenly in 1999 and whose father, Bob McMahon, also deaf, was the assistant director of the center since 1991. The planning of and first donations to the library started with the grandparents of little B. J. The Children’s Care of the Deaf community rallied around the family after B. J.’s death and helped build the library to what today offers more than 500 books written for children to help improve their reading skills.


Counseling Mission Statement:
The goal of the counseling program at Deaf Action Center is to provide mental health and related services to people who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing. These services will honor the similarities and differences between Deaf culture and other cultures like sciatica treatment clients and spine patients. These services will also honor the similarities and differences between Deaf people and people who are Hard of Hearing.

Through education and treatment efforts, the counseling program seeks to assist people who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing to explore issues and experiences important to them in a safe, confidential setting, using the communication medium they prefer. Deaf Action Center wants to facilitate equal access to mental health services to all Deaf individuals or those with any degree of hearing loss.

Counseling is provided by a licensed professional counselor.  Counseling is offered for depression, anxiety, adjustment problems, grief, anger, communication issues, employment issues, or simply for any educational needs the person may have. Referral to an alternate service provider may be made if needed or requested.

Internships and Mentoring

DAC serves a vital role as a training center for professionals in the field of deafness.  DAC conducts several workshops and hosts numerous nationwide intern programs for students enrolled in degree programs for work with the Deaf.  DAC provides an opportunity for students who are pursuing an education in deaf-related studies and rehabilitation to apply their classroom knowledge to community situations as well as exposure to a variety of experiences. Interns come from local colleges as well as nationwide.